Seven Fairies of Lanting

Nov 02 2018|Share: wechat Sina

Legend has it that Kuaiji Mountain is the cradle of the Chinese characters. The seven fairies of stroke named Dian, Heng, Pei, Na, Shu, Zhe, and Gou, who live in the Kuaiji Mountain, are the incarnation of the Chinese characters. Each of them is lovely and has his strong point. They meet a white mustache grandfather who is a magical writing brush, and play together many legendary and interesting stories.

Seven Fairies of Lanting is the first Chinese cartoon that uses strokes of the Chinese characters as figures and the first that plays the Chinese characters in the form of animation and disseminates the culture of Chinese calligraphy. By watching this cartoon, beginners will be able to not only remember the features of Chinese strokes, but also learn the structures of Chinese characters. In this way, it is possible for them to master Chinese characters quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, Seven Fairies of Lanting interprets the long-standing and well-established Chinese culture in the form of animate idiom stories and allows the whole world to enjoy “interesting Chinese characters and fantastic calligraphy”!