Little Counselor

Nov 02 2018|Share: wechat Sina

Little Counselor is a humorous and inspiring Chinese boutique animation. The story, was based in the Dynasty of Ming Qing, and presented a calm, peaceful, elegant and quiet ancient town of water village in South China.

This film portrayed a figure of native Chinese child, the little counselor. He is characterized by a fan in his hand, the abacus below his feet and a goose standing on his head. He is a very smart child and a chivalrous master of kung fu. What is more, he is full of extraordinary courage. He devotes himself to maintain the justice by not only helping his friends around him but also the governors and local people in Shaoxing County to solve a lot of troubles.

Little Counselor perfectlypresents the essence of Chinese culture and provides a relaxing and pleasant visual treat of China. It enables audiences to enjoy the ancient Chinese architectural culture and folk customs, and experience the unique fantasy of five-thousand-year-long historical culture of China.