Star Academy

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On the first day of Meixing’s enrollment in Star Academy, the precious energy gemstone collected by the college—heartstone and her father Master Chuansen—suddenly disappeared. In order to recover the heartstong and father’s innocence, Meixing embarked on a road of search. The investigation found that the mysterious dark shadow had split the heartstone into twelve fragments, attached to the inside of the casual contactors and let them get the magical fighting ability. The girls mastered the magic transformation dress and established the “Star magic group” to confront it and retract heartstone fragments. After experiencing many stories of crying, laughing, or tearing, the girls gradually realized that it is more important not to rely on brute force to solve problems. Wisdom and thinking are more important. However, the final truth was unexpected. The dark shadow was actually the brother of friend Zhijiang, Master Baimo . The brothers who had been dependent on each other since childhood have embarked on different paths. Meixing and Zhijiang are faced with important choices of affection, friendship and justice.