Master of Dance Deductive

Nov 01 2018|Share: wechat Sina

The first online reality show with the theme of square dance made by outdoors shooting. Different from the previous competitions, this program focuses on “choreography skill” rather than “dancing skill”. The theme of the first season is extremely clear. It is that “The authority of ‘New Dancer’ designates a song, and two leaders with the ability to choreograph create different forms of dance for the song, based on folk dance, classical dance and modern dance that they are skilled in, and then the winner is determined by network selection and judge scoring. The preliminary contests are held in the mode of ‘1vs1’ between two teams, while the semifinals are held by choreography competition among three teams. The final winner gets the title of “Master of dance deductive” and receives a certain reward.”

The program has a low production cost with high quality and strong entertainment.