Craft a Destiny

Nov 01 2018|Share: wechat Sina

China’s rapid growth has seen it rise to become a leader in fashion and the arts. Craft a Destiny presents the stories of Song Huaigui, Zhu Zheqin and Liu Wen, pioneering women whose passion and creativity has helped redefine the nation’s art and fashion landscapes. Song Huaigui was a fashion trendsetter, introducing the contemporary concepts of fashion to China. Zhu Zheqin is a musician and was the first artist in China to release a record internationally since the 1940s. Liu Wen is the first Asian model to walk the Victoria's Secret runway, and was named in the Top 5 highest earning models by Forbes. In this film, their trailblazing stories are told and explored, revealing their struggles and how they overcame them to put China on the map.