1. Another Hometown

In the period of 111 Shopping Carnival this year,courier Wang climbs 70 floors to deliver 100 goods everyday; 5:00 a.m. in the morning,driving his Mercedes Benz to send express,as the most famous delivery man, Dou began his daily work;In this October, ZTO Express, which is behind Alibaba only, has the second largest IPO scale and is listed by the New York Stock Exchange. The ZTO founder Lai Meisong is worth close to 28 billion. Liu Huiping from rural areas in Anhui who got the name "the King of Chinese Buns" went back to his hometown and funded the reconstruction of secondary schools giving children financial aids."The godfather of studying abroad" Yu Minhong and football star Ronaldo co-founded a new football cooperation project together. The former designer Ma Qiang decided to put down all his business to achieve a long-standing dream which is paragliding flight.Different Chinese people with their diverse dreams are representing and showing the colorful and vibrant China.
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