1. Many Littles Make a Mickle

The video records the news of current China. They are quite interesting and constantly progress and develop, forwardlooking, informative and suitable for television program designing. The video takes Taobao, the largest Chinese e-commerce platform, as the main clue, and fully displays the arduous process of China’s e-commerce growing out of nothing and weakness. It reveals the development history of Taobao in a decade and relates the stories of the sellers and the buyers with the growth of Taobao. Meanwhile it analyzes the business miracle of a sale of RMB35.019 billion in a single day of 2013. Through these vivid examples and intricate individual stories, we can see that the new business model of e-commerce not merely changes our way of life but also brings positive changes in employment, social and economic transition and urbanization etc.
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producer:China Broad View Cultural Communication Center

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