1. Can China be Harmonious?

To show a rich, diversified and complicated China, the camera crew and Mr. Kuhn make an interview far into many places in China concerning hot topics in Chinese society, such as education, old-age care for the old, city administration, migrant workers, left-behind children, rural land transfer, e-commerce, self-owned brand, technical innovation and craze for traditional Chinese culture. This program explains in a simple and vivid way about what “China Dream” is, how it can be achieved, what’s the biggest challenge, and what it means to the world. A giant labor force is pouring into cities from rural areas, resulting in the mass immigration and urbanization of the Chinese population. This has created an even wider gap between urban and rural residents, between different geographical regions, and between people from different socio-economic backgrounds. This episode will discuss why every citizen must have equivalent social service benefits and how a just platform can enable immigrants to become local residents, the inequality of ‘leftbehind’ children’s education, the dilemmas of urban management using the group of enforcers known as chengguan, and problems caused by an aging society. How can the dream of a harmonious China be realized?
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producer:International Channel Shanghai

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