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Back to the Village

6429 views|October , 2015
From geographical and sociological perspectives, this series truly captures the tranquil and life of rural Chinese and, through vivid and lively camera shots, depicts the vast changes occurring across China’s villages. No sight of the crowd of skyscrapers, no bustling traffic or neon lights in sleepless nights. Around the tranquil and pristine corners across China’s countryside, we search, trace and record, with lively images and vivid film language, the...

China Stands Ready

63 views|December , 2016

This sets of short videos produced by China Review Studio presents China's leading charact...

China in Transition

10959 views|June , 2016

Beautiful Places in China

4395 views|September , 2015

The 9.6 million square kilometers of China’s territory spans five natural zones where different weather conditions have shaped a great variety of landscapes. In addition to the already well-known scenic spots, there are many beautiful small towns with their own charms waiting for overseas audiences to visit.

Unique Perspective / Grand Narration / Voice of Our Own

43919 views|September , 2015
Architect Danny Forster hosts this series which uncovers China's most ambitious projects and technological innovations, provides insight into the Chinese society, and witnesses how things are done in the world's most populous country. How does innovation thrive? What new ideas and trends are emerging? Could local innovations one day become global traditions? Whether it's investigating the world's fastest trains, exploring the technology behind WeChat - China's most successful...

Changing Times: Chinese Traditions and Modern Life

18756 views|October , 2015

It tells the story of the legendary lives of three Kunqu opera performers, separated by tw...

New Face of China

284 views|November , 2015

The video records the news of current China. They are quite interesting and constantly pro...

Tibetof China: Past and Present

46228 views|January , 2016

This is a montage work with beautiful sceneries and old documentary footages telling a bri...

Smart China: Start up Revolution

Smart China: Start up Revolution, a three-episode documentary co-produced by CICC and Meridian Line Film, has been broadcast by the Discovery Networks...

"Gold Panda" Award for CICC's Documentary

"How China Works" won the International "Gold Panda" Awards for Best Documentary Series of Society Theme.

CICC: a Winner of the Academic Awards

Silk Road International Documentary Academic Forum & Awards is an integral part of the 4th Silk Road International Film Festival.

Brains Together for Chinese Doc Going International

Producers gave their opinions on globalizing Chinese documentaries in the sharing session of the forum.