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China Enterpriser

55 views|November , 2016
Different Chinese people with their diverse dreams are representing and showing the colorful and vibrant China.

Designed in China (Series)

28 views|October , 2016

Since the late 20th century, products with the label Made in China have swept the world. I...

Marco Polo E03

10956 views|June , 2016

China Stands Ready

35 views|December , 2016

This sets of short videos produced by China Review Studio presents China's leading character in G20.

Unique Perspective / Grand Narration / Voice of Our Own

284 views|November , 2015
Xinjiang is a beautiful place that covers one sixth of China’s land area. It’s home to Kanasi or the “Eastern Switzerland”, the vast Gobi Desert, the magnificent Tian Shan mountains, numerous scenic basins and the legendary Silk Road. The region’s hospitable ethnic minorities live a simple life and preserve many local traditions. Xinjiang is a land of wonders whose centuries of brilliant cultural and historical heritage attract countless visitors. This program explores t...

Tibetof China: Past and Present

46224 views|January , 2016

This is a montage work with beautiful sceneries and old documentary footages telling a bri...

Snapshots of Xinjiang

21466 views|September , 2015

This short film series shows the changes made in various areas in Xinjiang.

Pearl of the Silk Road

8554 views|November , 2015

The film tells the story of Kashgar’s old city and its cultural value to the nation.

CICC's co-product Wins Asian Television Award

"How China Works", wins the Best Infotainment Programme Award at the 20th Asian Television Awards held on December in Singapore.

"Gold Panda" Award for CICC's Documentary

"How China Works" won the International "Gold Panda" Awards for Best Documentary Series of Society Theme.

Cooperation Upgraded: CICC and ETV on DISCOP television festival

CICC with ETV has signed a framework for more comprehensive cooperations on the DISCOP television festival.

Brains Together for Chinese Doc Going International

Producers gave their opinions on globalizing Chinese documentaries in the sharing session of the forum.